Single Family Build For Rent

Alex Pollack serves asan advisor in the single family built for rent space and is a passionate landand homebuilding enthusiast with experience working in some of the largest, andmost respected homebuilding organizations in the country. At Richmond AmericanHomes, he held positions in land acquisition and land development. At AV Homes,Alex helped establish the Asset Management Committee, to evaluate all landacquisitions/dispositions in addition to mergers and acquisitions. He alsofulfilled a finance role while analyzing the various financial drivers of thecompany. At Taylor Morrison Home Corporation, he continued his role in assetmanagement while also providing support to the Corporate Strategy function. Inthis position, he evaluated the SFR/BFR segment in working with some of thenation’s largest landlords in an effort to purpose-build rental subdivisionsfor bulk investor buyers. He also worked with a small team to establish a jointventure partnership with one of the largest Build-for-Rent homebuilders in thecountry - Christopher Todd Communities. Now at Mosaic, a constructiontechnology company providing novel innovations to the residential constructionspace, Alex works in business development to establish partnerships withhomebuilding clients and trades.

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