Vice President
HHS Residential

Matt began his career with Highland in 2007 as a member of the Construction Management team, in an environment that ranks among the toughest times in homebuilding’s recent past. Many of Matt’s most formative relationships are marked by his time in construction, providing a foundation for truly understanding the homebuilding business. Over time, his roles expanded to larger operational capacities, directing a portion of Highland’s footprint in the Houston markets.

In 2017, the desire for expansion and product diversification were among the main objectives for the company. Matt was asked to lead those efforts in Houston as Director of Land. Forming relationships with industry leaders and developers was a primary focus and led to the successful deployment of many new partnerships in Highland’s core business.

While many opportunities resulted from cultivating those relationships, Matt saw an opening door in the nascent sector of purpose built, single-family rental homes. Through careful consideration, and a desire to truly understand the needs of the market, Highland decided to launch a new company devoted to delivering exceptional product to the space, along with service that you would expect from Highland; Matt was named Vice President of the new company, HHS Residential.

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